Hercules Tire Sales!

For all your Fleet services

We Operate over 30 vehicles’ ourselves with many over 350,000 miles.

1.       We Maintain records and track each vehicle.

       As well as scheduled repairs.

2.       Priority Service.

We get our fleet accounts in first so you are not paying a person to wait?

3.       Fixed Right the First Time.


4.       We are always in solve mode not sell mode. 

           We are more concerned in fixing your problem than selling repair.

5.       Courtesy Transportation Available.


6.       Every Job Equally Important.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an oil change or 18 tires on a semi.

7.       Competitive Commercial Pricing.


8.       Free Estimates.


9.       Several Locations to serve all your Needs.


10. Serving Tulsa area since 1977 and Kansas since 1935


   To find out more Click here or call Pat or Daniel @ 918-627-8331